ME2Way has been assisting other businesses with their wireless communications needs since our founding in 1991.   It is our mission to help businesses with this ever changing and sometimes confusing technology.  We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to have integrity, to listen carefully to our customers and help them decide on (and implement) the best possible solution for their individual needs.

Our philosophy is to provide a no pressure atmosphere for our customers.   We often hear horror stories from our customers about other dealers who have told them that their radios are "junk" when they were brought in for repair.  Most of the time they have been told that buying "a brand new one" (from them) is the only correct solution.  We don't agree. We think that most brands of radios are/were designed for long term use and sometimes older radios are worth upgrading and/or repairing.  Even today, in some applications, certain older radios are superior.

There are applications, of course, where a modern radio offering a wide bandwidth of operating frequencies, narrow channel spacing and built-in option slots for easy addition of accessories (like Trunking, ANI-Automatic Numeric Identification, Scramblers, etc...) is the smarter choice.   Every situation is different and requires figuring out the customers current and future needs.  We promise to listen carefully and then help you decide what is best for you.  Also, we won't ever tell you that you "need" a particular brand and that every other brand is "junk."  It is human to have loyalty and we don't try to discourage it.  We realize that someone who only buys "Chevrolets" won't buy a "Ford."  We can get you any brand. Furthermore, we truly believe that most reputable brands are very well built these days.  If you don't have a favorite, our advice is simply to find the best radio that fits your individual needs and offers the longest warranty for the best price.


Our Customers

Some of Our Customers to Date Include:

-Aircraft Pilots


-Irrigation Companies

-Building Contractors


-Police Officers




-Commercial Fishermen

-Fire/Ambulance Workers

-Taxi Services



-Towing Companies

-Delivery Companies

-HVAC Companies

-Trucking Companies

What Some of Our Customers Have Told Us:

" Our radios paid for themselves the first week. We received a sale that the timing was so critical that we would have lost it without the instant communication between key personnel with our new radios. We (owners of campground) were working on a problem remote from any telephone and ordinarily would not have been able to deal with the issue until the end of the day, at which time it would have been too late. Furthermore, in that first week, we had a medical emergency and were able to radio the office and get the ambulance here fast"! (Customer since 1992)

“I have been very happy with the radios and service I have gotten from Ed. There has been more than one occasion when I am the only person that can reach Dispatch at a scene despite the fact that my radio puts out 50 watts versus the 100+ watt radios the Deputies or State Police have! When I had problems with my radio’s LED displays going bad and when I had them converted to narrowband channel spacing, Ed always provided me a loaner radio while they were being repaired/upgraded.” (EMA Director/Ambulance driver/Fireman and Customer since 1994)

" We initially bought 6 two-way radios from Hi-Tech Communications in 1996. Within a short time we couldn't figure out how we ran the business without them. Our business ran so much more efficiently. We are now in our 27th year and have 13 radios and simply could not run our business without them". (Customer since 1996)

" Before getting two-way radios from Hi-Tech Communications we used four cellular telephones along with CB Radios. The CB's did not prove satisfactory and we were spending as much as $700 per month on cellular bills. After getting two-way radios we have much better communication and have reduced our cellular bill to an average of $50 per month." (Customer since 2001)


Our Tower

We use a Solar/Wind hybrid electrical system and therefore are totally independent of the power company.   Utility power outages do not effect us! The 400 Watt wind generator (that is part way up on the tower) and a couple 100 Watt solar panels keep the four industrial 12 Volt, 215 Amp Hour deep cycle batteries constantly charged.  Each of the four batteries have approximately the capacity of three truck batteries... in other words there is the equivalent of 12 large truck batteries.  The solar panel charges approximately 7 Amps during daylight in sun or clouds.  Believe it or not, it actually still charges the batteries with up to 3" of snow covering it as long as it is a bright day!  The wind generator charges with any winds above 6mph.  Winds in the 20+mph range will charge the batteries at a rate of 30 amps! | 207-389-2739 |

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